B’ Oversize 2 Ways Button Blouse (White)


商品小描述 + 板娘有话说:

看到这款衬衫 我就爱上了

从整体的款式 / 版型 / 面料 我真的觉得会合衬衫控的胃口

Oversize 挺直的版型   采用洗水棉的面料


从纽扣的搭配 你就可以看到满满的细节

采用订制的白杏色扣子 让整体的衬衫更为突出


偷偷告诉你 闆娘自留两个色 🤭

这款有3色供你们选择 有Purple Mint and white

可当衬衫穿搭  / 当防晒衫外套


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×× If you encounter any problems of outfit matching or color matching or size confusion, please do not hesitate to look for the right corner messenger button to seek for help,  you are welcome to ask any problems and we are willing to solve your doubt ××

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