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休闲条纹~ Polo休闲镂空条纹衫 (White)
休闲条纹~ Polo休闲镂空条纹衫 (White)

休闲条纹~ Polo休闲镂空条纹衫 (White)

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Length Bust Shoulder
58cm 90-110cm 38-47cm 








Owner: Fit Perfectly









每个人对于质量和薄厚接受程度不一样, 以上的描述是根据个人最真诚的判断而写的。

照片都是我们精心拍摄呈现的, 未经任何滤镜调色 (如有任何滤镜会列明),

但有经过 LR 调光线  & 已尽量按照实物的颜色调回颜色给你们 (因为颜色会随着光线影响走掉)

×(你们可以试试看在家用红色的单品拍一张近照 和 远照做对比就可看到颜色分别了)×


The acceptance to quality, sheer and thickness are different for every individual, the above description are based on the most sincere personal judgement. 

The pictures are all our meticulously photographed images. No filter is added. (No filter is added unless stated) 

You may have a look on the detail and close shot.